What is The Stitchery Academy about?

Are you a beginner sewer? Then this page is for you!
Are you an experienced sewer hungry to learn new things? Then this page is also for you!

This page is designed for all those who want to learn to sew from scratch or are at beginner level. Ask questions. Get support.

The idea of the page is to grow together, I am Karina Meléndez, and I have been studying design, sewing and pattern making for 5 years.

In all classes and online courses that I have taken, pattern making and sewing are always taught separated. The idea of ​​this magazine is to share tips and techniques that will help you break that wall and be able to learn everything together: learn how to design, how to make your own patterns and how to sew them.

We will publish weekly sewing tips, video tutorials, classes, trends for design and sewing, etc. Here we will learn everything: sewing clothes for women, children, pets, home, etc.

Share your ideas, projects and proven techniques with other starting sewers.

Join us! Learning to sew in a group makes the learning process more fun and easier!

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