Dog Fashion

Do you sew for your pets or for other pets? I only sew for my little Chihuahua. 🤩🤩

I have three pattern that I have used for my chihuahua, Magnolia: summer shirt, winter vest, and winter sweater.

This is the summer shirt, it captures a lot of attention:

Summer shirt

Magnolia can’t stand the cold and hates the rain (she will still walk in it once in a while) so a winter sweater is perfect:

Winter sweater

Winter vests are also very practical. Even one that hates wearing a coat will wear this one on cold days but only outside, it must come off immediately inside.

Winter vest

My dog had so many outfits that she had her own bureau! Seasonal outfits, holiday outfits and political outfits.

Because were we live its so hard to find nice clothes for really small dogs! Luckily she is so patient to the point I can use her as a model to fit everything.

I also make her costumes for Halloween…

Dog pajamas is my next project!

Source of header image: VemVem

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