What really good sewing book would you recommend?

What really good sewing book would you recommend?

Reader’s Digest: Complete Guide to Sewing. If you are looking for a place to start, this is the one. The good thing about is, you can go back to it anytime you have doubts. It is a bit long, having more than 400 pages but it’s worth the effort of carrying it! You will also find it easy to read with very good explanations. Some of the things it covers are different fabrics, needle size and stitch length depending on fabric, cutting out techniques sewing techniques, and different sewing foot uses to name a few.

Metric Patter Cutting by Winifred Aldrich. Do you want to make patterns? Readers of this book say they have used it 100’s of times over their past years as sewers to draft custom patterns.

How to make clothes that fit and flatter by Adele P. Margolis. If you are looking for a digestable step-by-step instruction book for sewing check this one out.

Master the Coverstitch Machine by Johanna Lundstrom. You will find this book comprehensive and easy to read, and what I most like is that it has a lot of photos to help understand the text.

The Sew/Fit Manual, A Guide to Pivoting and Sliding, by Ruth Oblander and Joan Anderson. Having trouble with fittings? Then this is your book! It offers a big range of solutions to all your fitting problems, from full bust to small bust to shoulders to fitting pants, to small size to large size fitting.

Sew Many Dresses. Sew Little Time by Tanya Whelan. A member of my sewing group gave this description, and I can’t say it better: “There are multiple top and bottom of dress patterns to mix and match. Then a whole section on moving darts to change the look the top. A section on how to change collars and sleeves. Drafting full, 3/4, half and quart circle skirt. Whole section on modifying patterns to fit your body. I love it because I am not ready to draft patterns by scratch, but I haven’t needed to buy a dress pattern ever since I bought this book. I can use her patterns as a jumping off point and modify them using her techniques to get the look I want.”

And finally some other options that are worth your time looking over:

The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible, by Lorna Knight.

Simplicity’s Simply the Best Sewing Book. Also check their library.

Love At First Stitch by Tilly Walnes.

Sewing with an Overlock by Singer Sewing Reference Library

Sew Any Fabric: A Quick Reference to Fabrics from A to Z by Claire Shaeffer

Couture: the art of fine sewing by Roberta Carr

What is your experience with these books? Am I missing any good ones? 🙂

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