What’s fun to make for a baby?

What’s fun to make for a baby?

Wether you are expecting soon a baby or recently had one I’m sure you can’t wait to homemake a bunch of things for her or him.

Here are some ideas:

Crib sheets are one of the things I found that has saved me the most money. They are super easy, and inexpensive if you buy on sale. 45″ square. Anything smaller doesn’t wrap the baby properly. I also really like big burp cloths. You can then recycle them as wash cloths.

Used cloth diapers, you can make different sizes. Hang in sun to dry if possible. Embroidery & smocking is nice for young babies. All useful & fun.

For good weather days or to walk around the house, loose light dresses that grow with them- longer for before crawling, shorter as they grow. As a complement, you can make matching diaper covers/shirts with lace. An idea somebody else told me is sew it for a one year old, put in darts. As they grow, clip darts to expand.

Hooded towels for bath time! They can be as simple or elaborate as you like, as your skills grow. There are many instruction posts and videos out there to choose from. 

What is your favourite sewing project for the little ones? 🙂

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