Why do some people hate seeing the word “sewer”?

“My first thought is always underground pipes”. That is the main reason a “sewer” buddy told me she hates that term. Of course, I’m glad to say the majority of us have seen the funny side of this. That’s all it is, a funny discussion starter.

Here are some other opinnions from our sewing community:

“I don’t have a problem with “sewer.” As I’m reading it in the context it is I automatically say “sower” and not “sue-er”. “

” I like to use sewist, seamstress to me seems outdated. “

” I am a clothing artist! 😉 “

” I think ‘dress maker’ sounds more romantic than sewer…. 😉 “

“I don’t like “sewer” or “seamstress” tbh. I tend to refer to as “dressmaker” or “textile artist” depending on what’s created 🙂”

” Sewist. Stitcher. I think I like these 2 best. They are gender neutral and can’t be mistaken for sewage pipes. 😁 I still don’t love either of them though. We need a good, definitive descriptive word. “

“Risking debate or sensitivities where is not my intention, I believe Seamstress is a bit too narrow as Dressmaker would also appear to be. Some have the gift of their own inspiration and creativity even when applying pattern pieces. Some have the talent and gifts to create from scratch. We find solace, serenity and contentment while sewing, stitching, hemming, ripping, serging. We enjoy the journey. We find a sense of satisfaction with the final outcome. We love it. We get better and better. You may say I’m a seamstress, dressmaker, taylor. They’re all full of stitches!”

So…what do you prefer?

One thought on “Why do some people hate seeing the word “sewer”?

  1. I chuckled when I read your post 🙂 for the same reason. I never liked the word ‘sewer’ because it always had the same connotations. I do like ‘sewist’ as it sounds nicer. It is also a perfect description of what I do. Tailor is very precise and I am hardly a dressmaker because I have never made a dress. I also describe myself as a textile artist because I love to experiment with different fabric and thrift shop clohing. My plan is to make my own clothes with what I have in my basket now.


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