10 pattern companies that cover large sizes

Are there pattern companies that focus on large sizes? Or will I always have to fix everything manually? If you are tired of always wearing robes or cover-ups keep reading.

I share with you a list of sources where you will get patterns and clothes for your wonderful body no matter your size:

Made for Mermaids includes plus sizes in their patterns.

Style Arc has printed patterns that come in sizes 18-30 as well as smaller.

CKC Patterns has a great selection of plus sizes too.

Patterns for Pirates have several interesting patterns that go up to plus 5 XL. They offer patterns for beginners and intermediate, and many come with picture or video support. You will find dresses, cheeky underwear, swimwear, and PJs, amon others.

Cashmerette Patterns are amazing with plus sizes too. One thing I like is that their patterns are graded for specific cup sizes.

Hot Patterns goes from size 6 to size 26-28; all printed on one sheet so it’s really easy to grade for a custom fit. If you wish, you can download or opt for a heavy duty paper pattern, which you then trace and grade just for you.

Some other of our favourites are: Rad Patterns, 5 out of 4, Broad in the Seams, The Fold Line and Love Notions. They carry a broad range of patterns in many different sizes.

Lekala does custom fit patterns. You key in your measurements, select your favorite pattern, and they will generate a pattern just for you.

Ottobre Design and Burda magazines both publish individual issues with plus sizes and traditionally publish plus size patterns in their regular publishing.

Check out the #plussizesewing and #curvysewingcollective tags on Instagram. 

Do you recommend any other company?

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