Sewing Accessories and Various Tools

Sewing accessories and various tools. The following materials and tools are very useful for sewing:

  • Pins: Dressmaker pins, are made of steel or brass, which prevents them from rusting, and can be used in all types of fabrics. For knitwear spherical pins are used.
  • Needles for sewing by hand: long and thin steel rods with one eye at one end. Needles are available in a wide variety of sizes and types. It is advisable to have assorted needle packs at hand.
  • Thimble: light metal (brass or nickel) or rubber utensil, closed at the top, which fits the middle finger of the hand you sew, protecting it when you push the needle through the fabric.
  • Pincushion: keeps the pins organized and at hand. The most common pincushion is shaped like a tomato and is accompanied by a bag with emery to remove burrs and rust from needles and pins, although there are other types and sizes of pincushion. We will choose the pincushion of the type and size that is easier for us to use.
  • Marking chalk: pencils available in cream colors that are used to transfer marks from the pattern to the fabric. These marks are made on the reverse of the fabric and are not visible on the front, are washable and evaporate with exposure to air.
  • Tracing paper: it is used to transfer markings from sewing patterns onto fabric with. It is placed between the backs of two sheets of fabric and, using a tracing wheel, the pattern marks are transferred to the fabric.
  • Tracing wheel: circular serrated edge with sharp teeth and a handle, which is used, with or without tracing paper, to transfer marks. The wheel should be sharp enough to leave marks, although not in excess, as it could tear the fabric.
  • Bodkin: because of its large eye and blunt tip, the bodkin can help you pull elastic or cording through the casing.

There are more tools used in sewing, but I picked up for this blog post the most common ones.

What is your experience using these tools?

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