7 Tools for Professional Ironing

7 tools for professional ironing. Ironing or pressing is essential to give a professional finish to the garments. The use of ironing instruments will ensure that all the pieces of a garment are properly ironed, and the overall appearance of it will be improved. The following accessories are very useful when ironing:

Ironing board: formed by a firm surface with a narrower end, which can be adjusted to different heights.

Iron (dry and steam): with functions for dry and steam ironing, it is the most efficient instrument for ironing various types of fabrics. An ironing center with an independent tank for steam generation is the essential tool to achieve a professional finish.

Pressing mitt or ironing glove: protects the hand from heat, even when using a high heat setting, allowing spot pressing and curve moulding in difficult to reach areas of the garment.

Seam roll: small long cylindrical cushion, with a consistent padding, covered with cotton fabric on one side and wool cloth on the other. It is used to iron long seams in hard-to-reach areas, such as sleeve seams. The cotton lined side is used to iron most of the fabrics, and the other side is reserved for wool fabrics.

Sleeve board: small padded ironing board with ends of different dimensions. This tool is placed on top of the ironing board and is used to iron sleeves and other small areas.

Point presser: wooden tool with tapered ends that is used to iron hard-to-reach areas, such as collars, lapels, corners and spikes.

Tailor’s ham: lightweight cushion of ovoid shape and firm padding, covered with hard cotton fabric on one side and wool cloth on the other. It is used to iron curved seams, tweezers, collars and lapels. The cotton-lined side is used to iron most fabrics, while the wool-lined side is used to iron wool fabrics.

There are a few more tools, but these are the main ones. What is your experience with them? ­čÖé

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