10 tricks to transform your clothes into maternity clothes

As incredible as it sounds, you are pregnant…and your belly is growing bigger inch by inch every month. Perhaps you have already seen your pants begin to feel a bit too tight, your feet start to be sore from carrying your new weight around the house, and you have reached for your calculator to make sure you include all your future baby needs in your budget. Yes, babies come with a lot of extra costs, so for those of you who have a tight budget or simply don’t wish to spend extra money in new clothes, today I will explain 10 sewing tips so you can transform your garments into more comfortable maternity ones. 

As you already know, you don’t need to change your cloth during your first months, so this will give you time to make the desired alterations. Some of the pieces you want to modify because they will probably won’t fit right are jeans, skirts, dresses, and belts … There are many other garments you can modify but today I will focus on these ones.

So what is the most important thing during your pregnancy? For you to be comfortable. You will probably stay active until the last days of your pregnancy, so you want clothes that you can wear for your work, on your car or on the bus, and that adapt to your new curves and body. Maybe you will even want to try new colors and designs that go along with your style during this phase of your life.

Sure, you also have the option of going out shopping, nowadays there are lots of brands that make clothes for pregnant women, but, if you want to spare this investment, in the next lines I will give you some ideas so you can adapt your cloth to your belly. Let’s get on with it!

1. Jeans! They can be very uncomfortable when you begin to gain weight, but you don’t have to push them aside. Just find cloth of similar color or your favourite color and add it to the sides of the jeans. You will see how easily they adapt to your belly.

2. More on jeans! Another trick for jeans is adding a strip of fabric on top. In other words, the fabric will work as a belt, but a very flexible one.

3. What about shirts? You can also fix them by adding some fabric on the back. You can get very creative with colors and designs here!

4. Another interesting outfit is to take a top you own and unite it to a wide and baggy fabric.

5. As your belly reaches a certain size, shirts will begin to fall short. When this happens, sew a strip of your favourite fabric to the bottom and it will cover that part of the belly.

6. Now let’s move to your legs. If you want to get creative, you can make an original design out of patchwork. 

7. Do you have a long skirt? Turn it into a dress by raising it above the belly!

8. Now do it the other way around, turn a dress that does not fit well into a maternity skirt.

9. Another very easy and elegant touch to a loose dress is to add a belt over it. 

10. For our last tip of today, I show you eight steps to turn  a scarf into a creative maternity belt. You will look very cute with it!

What are your tricks for maternity clothes? 🙂

Source of images: Pinterest

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