10 Young Fashion Illustrators You Should Know

Let’s begin with a simple question… what is fashion illustration? It is a concept that encompasses a very broad field, in which we can find representations of very technical clothing or works with tremendously abstract content.

Fashion illustration consists of drawings, schemes, sketches or paintings related to fashion. I’ve seen them done with pencil, crayon, carbon, watercolor, among other drawing techniques. You can find these illustrations in sewing studios, fashion schools, magazines, and even in some cafeteria walls. The drawings themselves can represent models, clothing or accessories virtually any object or situation related to this industry. This art is as old as fashion, since it has always been used to communicate fashion ideas and concepts.

Here are my 10 young fashion illustrators you must follow:

Ignasi Monreal has been drawing since very small, he is from Spain, but lives in London nowadays. He has had the opportunity to work with Christine and The Queens, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, among others. Here I leave you a video of his work with Gucci.

Ignasi Monreal

Another one of my favourites is Sarah Beetson‘s colorful and happy drawings. One of her most well known jobs has been working for Stella McCarteny graphic studio.

Amy chunky jewellery COL PRINT.jpg
Sarah Beetson

Dutch artist Judith Van Den Hoek has a very unique view on fashion illustration. Her traze is thick and elegant, and most of her drawings are done with one single line. She has worked for Calvin Klein, Prada, and Givenchy among other top fashion brands.

Judith Van Den Hoek

Lets continue to go around the globe, now landing in Australia, we find Kelly Smith. Her art is a mix of traditional drawing techniques with digital finishes. She has worked for Valentino and Armani among other top brands.

Kelly Smith

The next illustrator is Jetzain, he is based in Las Vegas, NV, USA. He makes fashion design, creative direction, illustration… amazing talent of this young man.


I’m sure everyone has seen those skinny figures in fashion illustration. Well, Jeanette Getrost brings those drawings to the next level. I personally love her work with watercolors…she makes it look so easy. She is also a well known art teacher.

Jeanette Getrost

Talking about watercolor drawings, I can’t stress enough the magical work of Katie Rodgers. She has worked with the most elegand fashion firms including Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Veuve Clicquot.

Resultado de imagen para Katie Rodgers
Katie Rodgers

Our next illustrator is James Forchione. He is also a fan of thick lines with a touch of the 50’s fashion. Some of his clients have been Roberto Cavalli and Mulberry.

James Forchione

Jamie Lee Reardin is known for his dark aesthetics. At the same time, her range also encompasses fashion illustration at its essense. I leave you a video of her work with the NYC Ballet.

We finish this list with Cédric Rivrain. Cédric has a unique way of portraying models. He has worked with brands like Lanvin Homme and L’Oréal.

What is your favourite fashion illustrator? 🙂

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