10 Proven Ways to Get Free Patterns for Your Sewing

First thing that comes to mind is Pinterest! You will find there sewing projects for home, clothes, and accessories…actually anything you can imagine! Pinterest has some sort of witchCRAFT that stuff comes up in searches on Pinterest that Google never finds. Nevertheless, it can also be too much info and I usually end having to spend a lot of time filtering a lot of the not so usefull pins.

Before continuing, in case you are a total beginner, don’t forget to know well your sewing tools. Now, if your tools are ready, one option that could suit many of you is to start without patterns. You will have no problem finding tutorials in Youtube that show how to use a garment as a template. Just type “sew without pattern” into the search bar. 

Going back to where to find free patterns here are some websites where you might find what you are looking for: Cut Out and Keep, So Sew Easy, All Free Sewing, Yo Elijo Coser (spanish), Moldesdicas Moda (portuguese), Oh Mother Mine Diy (spanish). If you are looking for quilt patterns/instructions check out Free Spirit Fabric. Don’t forget to use google translator for the ones that are not in your language.

Some designers will also offer free PDF patterns. This requires a bit of job from your side searching for these PDFs, but here is a quilting designer you can start with: Amy Butlet Design. I have also made a video explaining how to make a skirt with a pattern. See Part 1 of video here and Part 2 of video here. I will continue to make more videos, so don’t forget to subscribe to this newsletter.

Do you know the website Instructables? It is a diy video catalog covering all types of crafts. In this website you will find several videos on projects with patterns included for free.

As you have seen, there are several free patterns out there for you to start. And they are a great option! Now, let me be sincere, if you wish to find versatile patterns that come with a range of variations they will probably come with a little cost. Free patterns are usually the most simple ones, so for beginners it will be good, but if you want something more specific or special it will come with a cost. No worries, prices are for all pockets. For example, big patterns companies like Burda Style, you will find awesome patterns for $5. Again, if you have the time, you will find good free patterns. If you don’t want to go through all the hazzle of filtering all the fishy ones, a paying option can work for you. By the way, big pattern companies throw amazing offers once in a while where you can buy patterns for $1.99, so keep you eyes open.

Now, not everything has to be online or digital. Have you thought on going to your local library? I know, old school, but that was a main source before the internet, so there you will probably find many books on making clothes which include patterns. Let’s not forget sewing has been a thing for the last 100 years, and the coolest part is that it still is a thing 🙂

I can think of a couple more ways you can create your patterns for free. The first is to purchase a simple patterns from one of the big companies, and adapt them to your own special designs. You will need to have a bit of experience for this, but each type of garment has a basic standard shape which can be modified according to your likes and needs.

My final suggestion is to sacrifice an old garment that you like, cut it apart at the seams, add seam allowances and use the pieces as a pattern for a new garment with your own customization. If the garment is too old, you will have to make some style and maybe body measurement adjustments, but the result will be very original!

Hope this helps. Is there any other free sewing pattern site I am missing? 🙂

Happy sewing!

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