Amusing sewing projects for kids

It still astounds me how children can sew from a very young age, it’s so wonderful to see their magic fingers move at 10, 7, or even 5 years old. So if your daughter or son just asked you about learning to use your sewing machine and possibly wanting one for themself, here are some projects I recommend to get them started.

Pencil case. I like this one because it’s really just a rectangle. They can get creative by picking their favorite fabric. Some with a little more experience might know how to place a zipper. If that’s not the case, try using Velcro as the fastening!

Tote/sports bags/reusable bags. For shopping or beach, shoes, sports or whatever they need a bag for! My little 6 year old niece used to carry all the stuff she “thought” she was going to need for the day…including a change of clothes, so cute!

Wallet. It’s always cool to carry your own coins around 🙂

Pillow cases. They can get very creative here with fabric. Or they could even use their favourite T-shirts that they have outgrown. 

Animals/hearts/shapes to be stuffed…what is their favourite animal? Maybe a cow, a chicken, a snake or a monster? These are fun and quick and can be donated as part of scout projects to hospitals and baby supply banks. 

Pj pants. Maybe you can make matching pj for fun! They can use elastic waist and make shorts or pants.

Pillowcases. They could be made of some cool t-shirt they love.

They can begin by repairing their own clothes, and decorate as desired. Early basics will be very helpful.

A pillow with a pocket for reading books, magazines, or kindle.

Do they like cooking too? Aprons are very easy, they use a lot of straight lines.

What about a present for their favorite school teacher? Could be a bag… these can be done with a little help.

Christmas is far away, but they could try out Christmas stockings.

Cozies: cut 2 square or rectangle pieces of cotton material, sew 3 sides,fill 1/2 way with rice, sew last side. Pop in the microwave for 1-1 1/2 min depending on size and you have a cozy heating pad! I use them all the time 🙂

T-shirts for them and the other members of the family.

What about something they can use to store their game pieces in, or other stuff they may collect or store in their room? Haha I know some parents will love this one!

Placemats. Always useful.

You can teach them to sew secret pockets on the insides of their T-shirts or socks. They can then use these pockets to hide their lunch money 🙂

On the quilting section there is a lot to do too: aprons, pillow cases, blankets, quilting for their pet, etc.. They can use squares of fabric scraps or jeans. 

Most important is that they have fun with what they do. Usually a tough part is cutting the fabric properly. If you have a cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler, then it will be much easier for them. Tell me if you would like to know more on kid’s sewing.

Now that you are all set on the creativity side, it’s time to get back to sewing. Here is my list of recommended sewing accessories and tools. Sometimes inventory can finish really fast, so order them today, and use my affiliate links to get the best prices.

Artika Sewing Kit for Kids
Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make
Four Seasons Crafting Kids Sewing Kit and Animal Crafts


Dressmaker Shears
Color Head Straight Pins:
Hand Needles:
Pin Cushion “Hedgehog”
Professional Tailors Chalk
Tracing Paper
Tracing Wheel
Bias Tape Maker

With love,

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