Advice to confined sewists

This post is designed for sewists around the world, but you can certainly apply it to any area of ​​your life.

From my own experience I know that spending time at home, without socializing the amount that we are used to socializing, can be demanding, overwhelming and sometimes you can feel hopeless. And one of the few formulas that I know to fight all those negative feelings is: 1. Organize your space. 2. Organize your time with projects. 3. Learn to do new things.

The first point, organizing your space, is essential to feel comfortable during the time you are confined. There is no general rule of thumb to organize your space, it’s more about finding what is a comfortable and organized space for you. If that involves cleaning, sorting, messing, throwing away, DO IT. Take advantage of this time to rethink what you want from your workspace and your personal physical space. You would be surprised to know how much it slows us down and limits us to find ourselves in a physical space in which we are not comfortable. And in these times, it’s even more important to take into account the issue of having a comfortable space, because, I don’t know if you have noticed, but that physical space that surrounds you right now, whatever it is and whatever size it is, is your place of work, entertainment, living, happiness and sadness for the coming weeks. Give it love and give yourself love. ORGANIZE IT.

Second, organize your time with projects. And this is an important principle for everything in life, especially when we go through times of anxiety, depression or confused emotions. For many years I have suffered from anxiety and my therapist taught me that in the most difficult times, it is essential to go step by step, setting small goals that we can achieve. Of course, my advice is not to make a list of thousands of tasks at once, unless your name is Monica Geller, you will really want to go little by little to get to know what your work rhythm is in these times of crisis. Whatever you do and whatever you work on, it is not advisable to set goals so big that they frustrate you only because of how big they are. So, make a small list of projects or tasks for the next few days and keep renewing that list as you progress and as you get to know yourself in quarantine times.

The third and last thing is the seasoning for these weeks of confinement, it is a touch of flavor. Learn how to do something new. No matter what you do, no matter how old you are, learn to do something new because learning keeps us fit, young, curious and in good spirits. You can learn anything, a language, a sewing technique, embroidery, cooking, bakery, or a game. Of course, this task of learning something new has to be in accordance to the moment we are living. If you can get the supplies for that learning, great, if not, try to find something to learn with what you have at home, for example, how to use a drill. It’s more important than you think to continually renew yourself, so never stop learning new things.

I, for example, have always wanted to learn to decorate my clothes and be able to give them my personal stamp. So what I have decided to learn to do is embroider. In case you dare to learn the same as I do, here are some material ideas:

Embroidery Project bag

The Royal School of Needlework Book of Embroidery

Embroidery Needles:

Embroidery Thread:


Other possible hobbies/entertainment ideas:



Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer

Spool Thread Rack

Inspiration: Typical Mexican embroidery.

Remember, stay home and start now !!

With love,


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