Thank god for sewing books!!


Happy Friday everyone, tonight we should make a toast as we usually do on Friday nights without quarantine! We have to encourage ourselves to keep some traditions alive even if there is a change of circumstances.

Our inspiration of the day:

Peruvian Fashion brand Escvdo.

And now we have for you two very good books on sewing techniques:

1. Sewing for Fashion Designers Fisher Anette. 

A little fragment of the book: 

2. Basic Black 26: Edgy Essentials for the Modern Wardrobe by Sato Watanabe

A little fragment of the book: 

Now it’s time to know more about sewing tools. Here is my list of recommended sewing accessories and tools. Sometimes inventory can finish really fast, so order them today, and use my affiliate links to get the best prices:

Sewing Machine Table:
Dressform with Tri-Pod Stand Adjustable:
Magnified LED Seam Ripper (for all of us who don’t have the best sight of the world):
Even Feed / Walking Presser Foot :
Hole Puncher:
Desktop Scissors Sharpener
Steam Iron Rowenta
Digital Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings
Apple iPad
Bias Tape Maker
Buttonhole scissors:
Pinking shears:
Thread clipper:
Paper scissors:
AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Bins Cubes Organizer, 6-Pack, Gray  
IRIS USA, Inc. CNL-5 Storage Box, 5 Quart, Clear, 20 Pack
Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack
Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Garment Rack, Chrome

With love,

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