Serger recommendation!

Happy Easter to everyone!

Our inspiration of the day is a brazilian designer who actually does not sew, but she does AMAZING garments with crochet. Her work is really expensive and I will never be able to buy something 


, but I love to see how she creates. Her name is Helen Rödel and here are some designs she made: 

What do you think about her work?

Now, I want to give you some ideas of sergers because a lot of you ask about which serger is a good one. I bought my first serger 3 years ago, before that, I used to work with sergers available in my college where I studied some courses. After a lot of research I found the Janome 8002D and chose it because it fit my budget back then, I liked the brand and the model had very good reviews. 

I share with you the link of my Janome 8002D

I remember that the only review that made me doubt was one of a person who claimed that this was a serger impossible to thread. In fact, she commented that a relative of hers had been sewing for years, and had tried to help her to thread the serger and also had told her that it was impossible to do so. I was quite surprised when I had the serger in my hands because I found that the process was quite simple and it was very well indicated not only in the manual, but also in the same serger, which showed me with arrows, numbers and colors, how to do the threading. So my only doubt was dispersed when I had the machine in front of me.

Sergers are very useful for finishing off edges and also for joining pieces of fabric, especially when using knits, because the type of sewing done has a lot of elasticity and movement.
I’ve chosen this serger because it gives me the possibility of sewing with four threads. In the industrial world, three-thread sergers are used for sewing knits, such as a top, four-thread sergers are used for sportswear, and five-thread sergers are used for pants such as jeans.

In any case, the domestic use that I give to my serger is simple. I use three threads when I just want to do overlocking and I use four threads when I want that overlocking to have a straight safety stitch on the side.

You can purchase a 3- or 4-thread serger and in both cases it will be perfect to fulfill the function of overlock. The 4-thread serger offers two-needle stitching and the 3-thread serger offers single-needle stitching. My only advice, if you buy this serger or any serger that has four threads, is to be sure to use only one needle when sewing with only three of the threads otherwise the final finish of the seam will present problems.

I hope this article has been helpful! 

With love,

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