More inspiration: sewing with pearls.

Hello again!

Today we are going to meet one of my favorite designers. Her name is Teresa Helbig, she is Spanish and I personally love her story.

She used to work with visual merchandising and the owner of one of the stores where she worked invited her to her wedding. That invitation would be the starting point of a new era. Teresa came with a wonderful feather dress that she designed herself and her mother sewed. When people saw that dress, the offers started pouring in until she was proposed to create a collection.

Today she is a very internationally respected designer. I like to be inspired by her work because they are incredibly detailed. Just like the feather dress she started with, her work seems to be done by little steps until she creates works of art. Let’s see a little of what she does:

What do you think about this dress?

Im in love with this Leather shirt collar decorated with pearls? I have found this pearls to work a collar like this: and here you can find leather I will share a photo when I have finished it!

And what about this combination of pearls and velvet?

What do you think about her work?

These inspirations serve only one goal: to inspire us. That means that I do not share these images thinking of sewing projects identical to these, because to begin with, I do not have events so elegant to use them haha, but, I find it fun to see what captures our attention from the designs or creations that we like and to be able to reproduce it adapting it to our budgets, styles, and use that we will give to the garments we sew. I hope you like these designs!

Now it’s time to know more about sewing tools. Here is my list of recommended sewing accessories and tools. Sometimes inventory can finish really fast, so order them today, and use my affiliate links to get the best prices:

Bernette 33 Swiss Design Sewing Machine:
Brother Machine, SE600:
Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron:
Fabric Pattern Weights
Lint Shaver
Pinking shears:
Thread clipper:

With love,

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