Printed fabrics to inspire us!

Hi sewing lover! How are you?

I hope you’ve had a very healthy and productive week. I owe you several inspiration tips this week, so I take the opportunity to catch up.

Today’s first is the APPARIS brand, original from New York this brand is a specialist in creating coats. Here are some for you to see:

Have you ever sewn a project similar to these coats? the brand uses only vegan fabrics. 

The second inspiration is the Lisa Says Gah brand, known for the creativity in its clothes. I hope they can help you to inspire you to create new projects. And now I leave you with a summary of the sewing tool recommendations for this week:

Seeing these fruit prints inspires me to sew some things for the house, I find these prints very fresh and cheerful, here some similar fabrics:

What do you think about this ideas? 

I hope this article has been helpful! 

With love,

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