How to sew Crepe, Georgette, Satin and more.


Today I am going to give you some basic tips for working fabrics such as Crepe, Georgette, Satin, Chiffon and Chantung.

These fabrics are usually used to make dresses, skirts, shirts, pants and in general garments that have a fall. To cut these fabrics, it is advisable to make the cuts of the fabric pieces on the bias because it gives us cleaner seams, with less puckering like this:

And also the bias cut will look good on the garments made in these fabrics. If this is not possible, because the truth is that cutting on the bias requires more fabric, it is advisable to cut them on the cross grain and this type of cut will also be more favorable for the final finish of the seams (less puckered).

The fabric should be placed on the cutting table and secured with adhesive tape to the table surface or also can be cutted by placing a cotton sheet under the fabric. These tricks will prevent the fabric from slipping as we manipulate it.

The type of needle that has given me the best results is the Microtex needle or Jean needle (yes, jean needle even though I am not sewing jean or denim). The number I advise is 65/9 or 70/10, in short, a very sharp and thin needle.

The recommended thread is cotton or polyester and, as a result of all the research I have done on how to obtain better results, I found that this type of fabric works very well if they are sewn with very small zigzag striches, 2.0mm. In case you want to use straight stitch, my recommendation is to use the straight stitch presser foot. 

To work the hems, I recommend, of course, Baby Rolled Hem for the garments that you have cut at cross grain (previously recommended cut) and also for garments cut at grain if you have preferred to stick to the traditional cut on the grain. In contrast, for garments cut on the bias, the best hem will be bias hem.

I hope these tips serve you when working fabrics of this type, remember that they are light fabrics that will require great care when working. Some of the recommended products in this article:

Microtex Neddles:

Straight Stitch Presser foot:

Silk Charmuse:

Silk Charmuse:

Faux Silk Satin:

Satin Charmuse:


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