Useful Inspiration: Bags

Hello everyone!!

I haven’t published anything here for several days, and the truth is that I’ve been organizing my sewing workshop a bit.

I am 100% sure that most of you have, like me, a million unknown things in your workshop. And it is that lovers of seams accumulate many things !, fabrics, trimmings, unfinished projects, buttons, zippers, scraps of fabric, projects that did not turn out as we wanted, patterns, and the list continues to infinity.

Sometimes it happens to me that I find things that I did not even remember I had hahaha. These days I have been seeing these bags that I found a long time ago and that seem incredible to me because in addition to being beautiful they are very well thought out to be really functional:


I also have been seeing some very nice fabrics you can use to sew some of these bags (yes, to keep accumulating) and also some tools that can help you organize your sewing space:
Even medium or heavy weight muslin can be used!

 Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart
60 Spool Cone Thread Stand/Rack
PegBoard Organizer

Rolling Cart with 10 Storage Accessories
15-Drawer Organizer Cart 

See you soon!

With love, Karina.

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