About Me

I am Karina Meléndez, and I have been studying design, sewing and pattern making for 5 years. Sewing is my passion and I want to help you become the best sewer/sewist/seamstress/tailor that you possible can! How am I going to do this? Several ways! 

Let me tell you something first, I know sewing can be overwhelming at the beginning. There are a lot of things to learn, a lot of tricks, tips, types of fabrics, types of seams…But once you have learned the basics, everything goes easily. So keep doing it, sometimes it can be frustrating but it will be worth it. 

Now, back to me helping you reach your sewing objectives. Everyone has their own style of learning, that is why I give you list of all the sewing resources I offer you completely free. Pick the ones you like most.

1. Sewing for Beginners Facebook Group. I initially planned a group where people could ask me questions about sewing and I could answer them….but destiny had something different planned for the group… hundreds of people began joining the group from all over the world and at the same time hundreds of questions were coming in. I was worried I was not going to be able to answer all of them, they were too many! But then, something magical happened. Members of the group began to answer questions too. And at that moment I understood the power of technology. We are already more than 14,000 members and dozens of questions are made each day, and all of them recieve answers, some from me but also from other experienced members. I can’t be happier with how things turned out with the group, so I can’t stress you enough how benefitial it will be for your sewing to improve to get out there and ask questions because the group is a living library. By the way, if you haven’t joined this is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/howtosew/

2. This sewing blog. Yes, I’m a sewing nerd, who cannot be? In my blog I write about sewing, pattern making, fitting, alterations, upcycle, and more. Here I share some links to my recent blog posts:

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3. My newsletter: I highly value your time, and I know recieving spam in your inbox can be a pain in the rear end. That is why I make a promise to you here, right now, to only send you emails with valuable information that will improve your sewing significantly. What do I mean with that? For example, I will send you my latest blog posts, sewing tips that will make your sewing more enjoyable, trends in the sewing world, free video tutorials, and fun sewing stuff I find in internet. Again, I will only send content that can potentially improve your sewing. You can sign up here.

Finally a humble petition, if you would like to support my work please follow my fb page facebook.com/thestitcheryacademy and/or my instragram page instagram.com/thestitcheryacademy . 

I am really happy to have met you and I hope to build a long lasting relationship with you through our love for sewing. Don’t forget you can always reach me through my social media or by email at thestitcheryacademy@gmail.com.

Have a great sewing week!

What people say

Thank you this group is soo amazing.. I’ve just joined the group but it has inspired me a lot and I’m learning new things everyday. We really appreciate your willingness to share knowledge with all of us.

Zamisa D.

 Thank you so much for this site! I am learning and look forward to learning more. I have been sewing off and on for a few years but still consider myself a beginner and learning so much. Thank you habilidades.

Kathey P.

  I’m not a beginner, but I am self taught – so there’s tons of things I don’t know that someone who takes formal lessons has the opportunity to learn early on. Because of that I view sewing as on ongoing adventure! and learning so much. Thank you

Dodd E.

Let’s build something together.