Useful Inspiration: Bags

Hello everyone!! I haven’t published anything here for several days, and the truth is that I’ve been organizing my sewing workshop a bit. I am 100% sure that most of you have, like me, a million unknown things in your workshop. And it is that lovers of seams accumulate many things !, fabrics, trimmings, unfinished projects, buttons, zippers, scraps of fabric, projects that did not … Continue reading Useful Inspiration: Bags

Stay away of my scissors!

Hello!!! Pic credis: osaba. As fabrics and sewing lovers, most of us surely have more than one scissor: scissors for woven fabrics, scissors for paper and non-woven materials such as some interlinings, scissors for threads, scissors for embroidery etc. It is not superfluous to say that each scissors should be used only for their specific purpose, because otherwise we fall into those blunt scissors that … Continue reading Stay away of my scissors!

Sewing projects for our homes!

Hello!! Our inspirations for today are going to be about things for the home, specifically cushions or cover cushions. Cushions are an incredible way to renew the appearance of certain areas of the  home easily, quickly and cheaply. Here we leave you some cushion ideas: CB2 Emily A. Clark Studio Gabrielle The Bolster. And here you can see some fabrics that we have found that can be … Continue reading Sewing projects for our homes!

How to sew Crepe, Georgette, Satin and more.

Hello! Today I am going to give you some basic tips for working fabrics such as Crepe, Georgette, Satin, Chiffon and Chantung. These fabrics are usually used to make dresses, skirts, shirts, pants and in general garments that have a fall. To cut these fabrics, it is advisable to make the cuts of the fabric pieces on the bias because it gives us cleaner seams, with … Continue reading How to sew Crepe, Georgette, Satin and more.

A risky way to create amazing designs.

Hello everyone!! I hope you are well despite everything that happens in the world. Let’s brighten up a bit by seeing designs that can inspire us in our sewing work. Our designer of the day: I really enjoy the creativity of the clothes she creates. I like the risky combination of different fabrics in one garment. Also, I’ve always been a fan of African prints … Continue reading A risky way to create amazing designs.

Sew like a New Yorker.

Hello and good night everybody! The inspiration of today comes from the hand of designer Mara Hoffman. A New York native, designer Mara Hoffman studied  fashion design at Parsons, and launched her first collection in 2000. My favorite aspect of this designer’s garments is that I greatly appreciate her use of color, shape and the contrasts she creates with fabric prints. Here are some of … Continue reading Sew like a New Yorker.

Thank god for sewing books!!

Hello!! Happy Friday everyone, tonight we should make a toast as we usually do on Friday nights without quarantine! We have to encourage ourselves to keep some traditions alive even if there is a change of circumstances. Our inspiration of the day: Peruvian Fashion brand Escvdo. And now we have for you two very good books on sewing techniques: 1. Sewing for Fashion Designers Fisher Anette.  … Continue reading Thank god for sewing books!!