Today we start with our short video tutorials on Pattern Making, I decided to start with the skirt because it is the simplest garment (remember that these mini courses are for beginners). This video only shows the drawing of Back Straigh Skirt. On Thursday we will share what is missing from the skirt. The pattern system I use is a mixture of several systems that I have learned over time: Burgo, Zampar, Lieutenant, Verona, Marti, etc. There are a thousand ways to make patterns, this is just one of them. Who wants to make skirts? Good luck and do not hesitate to write to me if you have doubts.
Hello again!! Hope you have had a wonderful day!! Today we share with you our new mini class, the second part of STRAIGHT SKIRT (Pattern Making). 💃💃 You can find the first part in announcements. We all love commercial patterns, but it is very usefull to know how to do our own patterns in order to get more freedom when we are sewing. What do you think of this one? Next class: Waistband and skirt pattern making tips! 🤓